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About JHE's Real Log Furniture Place

Hi! I’m Jason Hunt and this is my story…

Early Years

Jason Hunt

I started my career in the log furniture industry at the age of 16, working for my father's Michigan-based rustic log furniture manufacturing firm. Today, I’m co-owner of that company (Lakeland Mills, Inc.), as well as the owner of JHE’s Log Furniture Place. I spent those early years in the factory, learning all there was to know about building high quality log beds and rustic wood furniture.

I thoroughly enjoyed practicing the art of crafting one-of-a-kind wood furniture by hand, but soon took an interest in the things which were necessary to make our office run smoothly. I handled accounting duties and processed sales orders. I worked closely with other businesses to set up distributor contracts. I earned a well-rounded education and gained invaluable experience about running a family business.

But the real educational landmark, for me, was learning how to properly handle Customer Service calls. Do you know what the most valuable lesson I learned was? That providing excellent customer service was – and still is – essential to every other aspect of our family-run rustic furniture business. I’m happy to share my/our story with you here so that you can understand our company better.

Coming of (the Internet) Age

Eventually, I relocated to the beautiful state of Tennessee to continue my college education. While I was there, I learned how to design websites. In those days, the Internet was still a relatively new concept and the endless number of possibilities intrigued me. By late 1996, I had launched a website-based company and began selling my family's log and reclaimed wood furniture products online.

I ran that business from a humble, college-based personal webpage. It become so popular that I decided to officially “go live” with it two years later, in 1998, with a URL of Through research, I came to find out that we were the first online log furniture store in existence. In 2000, we launched – and have been registering related domains ever since.


Initially, I exclusively sold my family's own line of rustic country furniture products. I watched, in awe, as their sales gained momentum thanks to the wonderful word-of-mouth we received from fine customers – like you. Thank you! Because our products became so popular with online shoppers, other manufacturers approached me to ask if we’d be willing to sell their log furnishings, as well.

Then, like now, only those whose products “made the cut” were added to our line up…

As a result of working for my parents, I had existing relationships with many of those businesses. Having inside knowledge and first-hand experience with their products, I knew exactly which ones met our own exacting standards and would be well-received by our customers. I met, personally, with builders I was unfamiliar with to assess their wood preparation, building and finishing processes.

Yeah, I’ve Always Been Pretty Picky

Rustic Furniture Piece

To ensure that the furniture we feature on our website is of the highest possible quality, I make a habit of being pretty picky – and always have! Our manufacturer network is limited to a select number of companies which we can rely on to deliver the types of products you want and need. As we find new, qualified manufacturers (or they find us), we expand our product lines to be able to better serve you.

But, we keep our growth in check. After all, our main goal is to provide you with top notch customer service. In fact, it’s one of the most important things we do – beginning with wood selection and continuing on as our products are passed down from generation to generation. JHE’s customers are repeat customers who refer family and friends for a reason: We reward loyalty with superior quality.

JHE’s carries a gold-standard A+ Better Business Bureau rating – and we’ve worked hard to earn it, demonstrating a love for our products and a sincere dedication to your satisfaction. Any company can offer the largest selection of cabin furniture or lodge furniture, but if they don’t consider functionality or quality what good are those products to you? At JHE’s, we make sure you get your money’s worth!

JHE’s Online – Your Home Away From Home!

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We think of our website as being your website, too. If you think we should add or change something, let us know. We want your online experience with us to be as enjoyable as possible and are happy to make adjustments and improvements based on your needs and feedback. In fact, our site’s undergone several major overhauls and is constantly evolving. We listen to you and always appreciate your input!

Custom Orders, Problem Solving and More…

In the off chance you don’t find the log cabin furniture, cottage furniture or rustic decor item you’re looking for on our website, call us toll free at (877) 564-3876 (LOG-FURN). Our craftsmen and women are truly amazing – and love the challenge and excitement that come with filling your custom orders. Tell us what your heart desires and I’m confident we’ll absolutely knock your socks off!

Whether you have a question, problem or general comment, we’d love to hear from you…

We always welcome your questions, feedback and suggestions. It's my personal goal to provide you with an experience so wonderful that you’ll tell everyone you know about JHE's Log Furniture Place. Submit your own success story and we’ll add it to our growing list of glowing testimonials. Call any time you need assistance. My lovely wife Marni and I – and our staff – can’t wait to hear from you.

As always, thanks for choosing JHE’s Log Furniture Place!

– Jason Hunt

Meet the Team

Jason Hunt

Jason Hunt
Yes, “that” guy – a.k.a.
Mr. JHE’s

Marni Hunt

Marni Hunt
Office Manager
Often brags about being married to a great guy

Christie Bell

Christie Bell
Sales Manager
Is frequently mistaken for Marni on the phone

Nathaniel Bell

Nathaniel Bell
Thankfully, does exactly what he’s told