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It's Not Too Late for Christmas Gifting

Don't be Afraid of Ordering Your Rustic Furniture Too Late

We can send you a picture of your rustic furniture or decor products in a nice envelope just ready to hand your giftee.  It will put a smile on their face that would warm even the Grinch's heart.  

Order now and include coupon code PICTURE and we will send you a nice picture of the furniture you ordered.  

But that's not all!!

Order by the 18th of December and for those of you who are really desperate - we can even fabricate a story of how you ordered in plenty of time because you are so thoughtful... but we didn't deliver on time and ruined your special surprise you had been planning for months.  We are really cool like that.


Rustic Furniture Picture for Christmas

A perfect solution for log furniture, rustic furniture, rustic bedding and other decor.  

Small print stuff: We cannot guarantee that the post office won't lose or deliver your envelope on time unfortunately.  We just don't have that type of power.  Envelopes also may not be red, they could be sliver or green or some other Christmas related color.