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Potholders & Oven Mitts

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Pardon us, little lady, but couldn’t you use some help moving those vittles to the table?

When was the last time you bought oven mitts? Or pot holders? Look, if we have to come out and pry those scorched old things off your hands, we’ll do it. ‘Cause safety comes first at JHE’s, which is why we’ve eliminated all the excuses. Browse now for plenty of ways to protect yours and your little helpers’ tender mitts in country decor, western decor or southwestern decor style.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your love of reclaimed wood furniture or your values!

Chain stores are too big to take your love of fine wood furniture, rustic decorating and cabin decor seriously. Not us. At JHE’s, our lifestyle and values are similar to yours. We love nature, the outdoors and big family gatherings. Our collection of log furniture and country furniture kitchen accents reflects that with its barbwire, pine cone, cross, star and branding iron designs.

Good things come in 2s: salt and pepper, JHE’s rustic decor pot holders, JHE’s oven mitts.

Sometimes one’s the way to go: A one-way ticket to heaven. One-stop shopping at JHE’s. But, two can be better, especially when it comes to gear designed to protect the delicate skin on your arms and hands. That’s why our easy wipe, machine washable pot holders and oven mitts with reinforced quilting are sold in pairs. Think of it as the ultimate country decorating 2-for-1 deal.